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Jade T. Perry (she / her / hers) is an integrative artist, Tarot Card Slinger, Play-based Educator & Facilitator, Chronically Ill & Disabled Femme Babe, and the co-founder of the Mystic Soul Project 501c3 (which centers people of color and our indigenous, ever-evolving, synchretic spiritual technologies).

She is the mind behind the Embodied Rituals project: an ongoing creative arts & intuitive wellness initiative meant to compassionately coach Black church(ed) women & QPOC who are unlearning spiritualized & internalized sexual / sensual repression.

She is a sex positive, multi-faith #churchymystic – that is, one who walks in awareness of how Black folks’ mysticism, cosmology, & folklore is imbued in Black charismatic church culture. (In plainspeak, one who recognizes how the ancestors carried on a variety of Black spiritual traditions by hiding / planting them within our church spaces).

She is trained in Reiki Level 2, intuitive space holding, and the creative / performing arts (namely theater, creative writing, vocal performance).

The mission of her work, as a whole, is to contribute resources, art, narratives, and experiential learning opportunities that aid in the holistic healing processes of people of color (POC), queer people of color (QPOC), and disabled / chronically ill POC. Additionally, she seeks to creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of equity & justice.

Philly is her home of origin #phillystandup and now Chicago’s got her heart!

Photo Credit: Darren Calhoun

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